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This Ebay listing is for 2 trucks.  You will receive 1 Red and 1 Blue truck as pictured and both include their own 2.4GHz Radio system.  User can run both vehicles at the same time.

1/12 Scale Rock Crawler
Rechargeable NIMH Battery
NIMH Battery Charger Included
4 AA Batteries required for the radio system

Are you ready to go off-road? The Danchee 1/12 scale Trail Hunter Rock Crawler is designed for extreme rock crawling and rough terrain driving. The Trail Hunter is geared low to drive over rocks, branches and other obstacles.

Hill Braking Technology - When Hill Braking Mode is activated the Trail Hunter will automatically apply braking when the throttle is released. When rock crawling with the Trail Hunter, Hill Braking Mode can be activated on-the -fly from the transmitter to help maintain control at low speeds, on steep hills and technical trail sections. Simply put Hill Braking is the opposite of neutral coasting.

The Trail Hunter includes dual high torque brushed motors that provide tons of trail hunting and rock crawling action. Full time 4 wheel drive sends smooth power delivery to both the front and rear axles to help maintain traction during extreme conditions. Included is a 2.4Ghz transmitter with a range of more than 170ft. The transmitter automatically binds to the truck, with an audible confirmation, finding a unique channel to allow 20 or more Trail Hunters to run at the same time without worrying about interference issues. Steering trim allows for precise adjustments for vehicle tracking and digital proportional steering and throttle control give you full precise control of your vehicle.

The Trail Hunter comes fully assembled and all you need are 4AA batteries for transmitter (NOT INCLUDED) to start driving.  A rechargeable NIMH battery is included along with a battery charger.  This is usually an option for the Trail Hunter but we have installed and included the rechargeable battery.

Rock crawlers by design are slow vehicles. They run at about 5 MPH and are used for crawling over rocks or rough terrain.